A complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern.


Who we are

Design is intricately woven into the fabric of civilisation. Since eons, humans have created designs to solve problems, make life easier or just spruce up appearances. Clothes, food, implements, vehicles or homes – all essentials have evolved with changing design trends. Only the best designs survive, quickly merging with other survivors in a continuous progressive mutation of trends, fashions and styles. And yet, the best designs are the ones that blend form and function in a simple package.

Many companies complain about the enormous amount of waste that bad designs cause. But when you look closely, it is usually these same places which have the least amount of respect for the basic tenets of good design. No wonder then, that their processes spawn products that fail spectacularly in the market.

Fractal Ink was started in 1995 with the aim of providing well–designed communication solutions. Be it a logos, a multimedia CD–ROM or a software product – we understand that function precedes form. Our team has been applying that same basic principle to numerous projects and has proved it correct every time.


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