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  • overview


    Shemaroo Entertainment Limited has made its mark in the Indian Entertainment industry by being one of the oldest players in content ownership, aggregation and distribution.

    With a collection of more than 3700 movie titles, they offer services to customers across the globe.

  • brief


    For over 5 decades, Shemaroo has redefined itself to cater to the consumer environment. Having seen the need to be relevant in changing times, they wanted to have an independent digital platform where viewers could access their content.

    Fractal Ink was brought on board to create Shemaroos OTT platform, ShemarooMe. The platform would be available on web, smart phone and TV.

  • challenge


    Having no independent digital presence before, it was a challenge for the Fractal team to create a complete OTT experience, across multiple devices, in a span of 2 months.

  • strategy


    To tackle the challenge in the best way possible, the team worked towards creating a platform that took the classics of Indian entertainment and brought them alive through a modern and minimalist interface.

    The team made the best of the two months and created an all-round OTT experience that looked appealing and ranked high in terms of usability.

  • innovation


    Usually OTT platforms use a darker colour palette but the Fractal team wanted to experiment with brighter colour combinations and gradients for ShemarooMe. This helped retain the essence of the brand and stood out amongst competitors.

Approach different consumer segments through Customised Onboarding

Approach different consumer segments through Customised Onboarding

Designing the subscription model entails a holistic understanding of the consumers thought process. Based on research, there is an evident difference in the content consumption of the local and international Indian viewers of Shemaroo. Hence, the Fractal team customised separate onboarding journeys for both the target segments.

Using a lighter background for visual engagement

Using a lighter background for visual engagement

Making a layout that helps the viewer engage with the content is the key to enhancing the experience of an app. Keeping this in mind, the Fractal Team took a clean minimalist background to bring about a balance in the design so that the viewers dont find it overbearing.

Nuanced usage of geometric forms

Nuanced usage of geometric forms

The app has truly tried to help the viewers breakdown its visual understanding. For every form of content, whether it is movies, TV shows, or music, the representation is done using different geometric forms in an extremely unobtrusive manner.

Content defines the Crowd

Content defines the Crowd

Being a content aggregator has its advantages and ShemarooMe was built on the app with content exclusive to the Indian audience, the design aimed at highlighting exclusivity in all its inclusiveness.

Using colours to your advantage

Using colours to your advantage

Colours can be great visual cues to improve the viewers app and web experience. The subtle usage of colours and gradients was created to define every content segment.



  • Its essential to Categorise and SegregateContent Specific to User's Interests

    From Bollywood Classics to regional content, the app categorises the programmes to make it extremely convenient for viewers to browse through it. Additionally, every category comes with independent colour codes which act as visual cues for the user.

    Its essential to Categorise and Segregate<span class='cm-line-break'>Content Specific to User's Interests</span>
  • Meta-Data Specification can triggeran increase in Viewership

    The Fractal team helped construct meta-data specifications for every type of content on the platform. Meta-data is used as an enabler in the users selection process while they browse through the app.

    Meta-Data Specification can trigger<span class='cm-line-break'>an increase in Viewership</span>
  • Linear Channeling can be a boonto Premium Users

    ShemarooMe has created independent channels which stream their content and this is exclusive to the premium users on web and app. They are made to increase awareness of different programmes as well as drive viewership for similar content based on user preferences.

    Linear Channeling can be a boon<span class='cm-line-break'>to Premium Users</span>
  • Live Streamings can be usedto benefit the Spiritual minds

    The app has a special feature that lets users live stream famous religious destinations at any time of the day, throughout the year.

    Live Streamings can be used<span class='cm-line-break'>to benefit the Spiritual minds</span>
  • Multiple user profiles in a single accountincreases Customisation possibilities

    Multiple user profiles can be made in an account and every user gets recommendations based on their viewing pattern. An additional profile is available specially for kids to let them view content that is tailored specifically keeping their interests in mind.

    Multiple user profiles in a single account<span class='cm-line-break'>increases Customisation possibilities</span>
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